Protect the GIF - it is the language of the internet


We need a decentralised, open source Giphy with support for global content.

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The solution is not always more tech


Sometimes, technology won’t fix it. We should always focus on the problem, not the tech.

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Want to Learn Something New? Build Silly, Useless Stuff


You’ll be more motivated to learn if you’re building something a little silly

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Nature is still the ultimate inspiration in the digital age


Let’s be more inspired by nature. Climate change is a global factor we must respond to. Nature holds more answers than we think. And maybe we need to operate on a totally different timescale.

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Kan man sætte Wikipedia på Finansloven?


Mulighederne er mange. For relativt få midler, kan vi bidrage mere til noget, der kommer os alle sammen til gode.

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You should probably learn to code. Here is how I (kind of) did.


Learning to code has been the best investment, I’ve made in myself.

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Why bicycling in Copenhagen is so fantastic


On the virtues of Copenhagen’s favorite mode of transportation

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